Letter to the editor: The art of an apology

The art of an apology

In Bennington, and also across the nation there have been some serious 'slips of the lips' in the news. The citizens portion of the Aug. 22 Select Board meeting had some interesting presentations. I applaud any citizen who speaks out against injustice. We need more citizen participation. For those who missed the meeting, the archive is up on CAT-TV. Please take the time to watch the first 25 minutes. It should be shown in classrooms — in government classes. Was what you heard a real apology — or was it like someone saying: "I am sorry I hit you with my car, but if you weren't standing there on the sidewalk I would not have hit you."

On a national scale, Lochte, Trump, and Clinton have a lot in common. They have all made statements that they should regret. But besides that, they all lack the ability a offer a legitimate apology.

An apology has three important elements.

#1... Accept full responsibility and specify what you did and why it was wrong. Never say: "I am sorry your feelings were hurt". That puts the blame on the other person.

#2...Explain what you will do to make sure you never repeat the bad deed.

#3...Make amends. That means negotiating with the harmed person or persons and giving them the right to have serious input.

— Rosmarie Jackowski Bennington


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