Letter to the Editor: Taking issue with Hurd on Act 46

Taking issue with Hurd on Act 46

In Tuesday's newspaper, Bennington Town Manager Stu Hurt takes issue with the BSD school board. The board wants to become a K-12 school district. This would separate Bennington from the existing union, which will allow our district to make decisions on its own for our students' own best good. This would allow the other partners in SVSU new-found freedoms that none of them have now.

The other districts are Pownal, Shaftsbury, North Bennington, Woodford, and North Bennington. The outlying districts would have school choice. The districts could partner with other districts that complement their needs.

All five districts would have to support this idea in a vote. If the districts want their freedom, they should support this article.

Consolidation is not a good option. There is no guaranteed savings, no improvement of education, if we give up our school boards, school meetings, school districts.

The quality of living here in Vermont is not having to become homogenized. The uniqueness of Vermont is having a say in how our government and schools work.

Where is the guarantee that after four years there would be any incentives? Act 46 makes no promises. The incentive may well wind up, as so many state programs, as a lie.

Mr. Hurd should concentrate on his job. Obviously his strength is not in educational planning.

— Mike Bethel



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