Letter to the editor: Supporting Jackie Kelly in Bennington 2-1

Supporting Jackie Kelly in Bennington 2-1

Aug. 9 does not just represent a week before the anniversary of Battle Day in Bennington (Aug. 16). It will be Primary Day on the 9th; a battle of another sort will be happening in District 2-1 as four people vie to be our Representatives. In this crazy diverse year on the main political stage how does one pick a representative for the local level? May I offer the advice of looking at incumbents' by "voting record", "sponsored bills and resolutions" (and just what the meat of those bills were), and if they were present for the votes. This information is easily obtained via computer and going to the Vermont General Assembly website and typing in your representative and finding their detailed records. In District 2-1 we have Rachael Fields and Timothy Corcoran II.

I would like to put forth another choice for our representative at the State Level, Jackie Kelly. Jackie is a life-long teacher and has traveled worldwide in her life's passion. Jackie believes that all our children need educational opportunities that work best for them while providing the taxpayer an affordable way to fund it. Since she has seen poverty first hand in third world nations as well as in our own country, Jackie believes that all Vermonters need to have access to quality health care that is affordable. As Vermont is a beautiful state and diverse in her peoples and ecosystem, Jackie believes that the Vermont way of Life/the natural environment must be protected. Vermont is her people and the drug problems in Bennington are occurring all over the state. Kelly believes that there must be alternative solutions to fight this problem in our community and we need to work together to find those answers. Without engaged healthy young Vermonters there will be no Vermont.

— Susan Rice Bennington


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