Letter to the editor: Supporting Corcoran in District 2-1

Supporting Corcoran in District 2-1

I am writing this letter to support Timothy R. Corcoran II in his bid to be re-elected to the Vermont House of Representatives this fall, and am urging voters in District 2-1 to support Corcoran in the Democratic primary election on Aug. 9.

The hallmark of Tim's legislative career has been his commitment to responsible government, sound fiscal policy, and a dedication to helping his constituents whenever possible. We need representatives with those traits now more than ever in our state government and cannot afford to lose people like Tim who are willing to sacrifice their time and personal lives to serve in Montpelier. He analyses issues independently and with great care. He thinks things through before acting. He has always done the job of representing those of us in District 2-1 very well and does so without seeking attention or limelight. He has the respect of the other members of the legislature, Republican and Democrat alike (A very rare trait in today's political atmosphere). I hope he is returned to Montpelier this fall. In short, I wish more individuals like Tim were involved in politics at all levels.

As most voters in District 2-1 are aware, there is a four-way race for Vermont House in the Democratic primary election to be held on Tuesday, Aug. 9. The top two vote-getters in that election will be on the ballot in November for election to the Vermont House of Representatives. Tim needs your support in the Democratic primary on Aug. 9 to ensure his place on the ballot in November.

I look forward to voting for Timothy R. Corcoran II for State Representative in the Democratic primary election on Aug. 9. He has earned my support through his years of hard work and dedication to the job of being a State Representative. I hope the readers of this letter will support Tim on Aug. 9.

— Jason P. Morrissey Bennington


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