Letter to the editor: Super Tuesday reflections

Super Tuesday reflections

As I sit and reflect upon this evening, I am left with glee in my heart!

I will forever be grateful for Woodford's leadership and how our community has come together in a great time of need for so many.

Since "Tropical Storm Irene", our community has come through with the strength and endurance as has been it's past history.

I recall when Irene happened and my family had just moved to Woodford. It was all a terrible struggle that we all came through, as a community, and we have all grown. Together we have learned much and have become a stronger community.

I personally, wish to thank all who have been involved to keep us all stronger as a community, and there are so many of you. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I for one, will forever be personally, grateful for Ron Higgins, for inviting me into the community. It is with his knowledge and encouragement that I have been able to assist Woodford in it's forward looking endeavors, arising from his foots steps and legacy.

May all of Woodford's citizens continue to forever remain a strong community that always stays united and continue to learn from all who serve.

— Betty Charette Woodford


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