Letter to the editor: Stand up to those to defame God with violence

Stand up to those to defame God with violence

As a born muslim, it is my duty to stand up and speak up as any man who's dreaming of peace, love, well organized world free of violence and extremism.

Fellow brothers and sisters, we don't realize how lucky and hand picked we are to be unmistakably the first democracy in the world. One has to live here to understand how great you and this country are. You give America all its needs to be enviable, great leaders, strong economy, strong men and women ready to serve your country and the entire world in all corners of planet earth.

Let's be stronger than ever, not to let anyone dictate us our way of life. Let's not give our enemies, wherever they are, a chance to win. To do so we need to collaborate closely with our men and women of law enforcement. We also need to encourage our lawmakers to pass laws, tough laws, to strengthen our servicemen's capabilities; allowing them to collect data on anyone suspicious, or take whatever measures are necessary. The reality of the world has changed so must our way and our traditions of dealing with matters like terrorism. Fellow muslims and faith leaders, America has, and is, giving everyone a chance to achieve his dream. Today it is time than ever for us to distant ourselves from those who have chosen violence as a tool of intimidation and a way of life. It is time for us to fight those ideologies discrediting Islam and defaming God.

God mentioned clearly in the holly Quran that he would pardon any sin except when a man hurts, harms, or causes any disturbance to another man. And that is what those fanatics are perpetrating. Our contribution must come first to show the entire world that our modern societies have no room for extremism. To muslim countries all over the world, from Mali to India, we must stand together as one to participate in an international coalition to fight extremism which is a danger for our present and future generations. I urge African leaders to provide Europe and America with troops to put an end to this ever present cancer.

— Mahamadou Sow Manchester


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