Letter to the editor: Spending cuts sound good but hurt poor

Spending cuts sound good but hurt poor

The Republican (a/k/a Party of Trump) challenger to Manchester/Arlington State Rep. Steve Berry, is campaigning on a platform of "cutting government spending" and insisting that our State government "live within its means."

However, it is all too easy to reflexively chant "we must live within our means" and "cut spending" as a cheap way to get elected. These phrases are really code words for cutting government services to those who need our help the most. Cutting government spending sounds nice, but not so much when you have to wait endlessly for help from a State agency, like standing in line or holding on the phone for help from a DMV employee, because there aren't enough of them to go around. Where would Steve Berry's challenger enforce these cuts? Fuel assistance, weatherization, Dr. Dynosaur healthcare for children? Does he support the Vermont Republican platform of moving the Vermont Health Exchange to a federally run system, instead of a universal health care program, which would cause 17,000 Vermonters to lose their health insurance? Would he seek funding cuts for the Vermont Veteran's Home?

In comparison to his Republican challenger, Steve Berry has spent his adult life helping the least fortunate and has thereby gained a unique understanding into human frailty and social injustice. As our Representative, Steve has fought for better health care, preserving the environment, and helping our neediest neighbors. He has worked hard to make government work for everyone in a compassionate and thoughtful manner, including protecting continued funding for the Vermont Veteran's Home. Isn't this who we deserve as our State Representative, instead of someone who simply wants to cut essential services?

— Bradley D. Myerson Manchester Center


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