Letter to the editor: Response to editorial

Response to editorial

In regard to the Washington Post editorial on college debt ( Banner, Aug. 3) i would like to make the following comments. Berrnie's free tuition plan (The editorial never mentions Berrnie) was for tuition at public colleges and universities. It was not for room and board. If you lived in Burlington and want to go to UVM, you went free. However, you would have to buy your books. If you lived in Bennington and went to UVM you had to provide for your own housing. Just the tuition was free (Like high school). If you want to go to Harvard or any other private college, you pay. Also, the editorial statistics did not include those who don't even think about going to college because of the cost. I think Hillary's plan is the same. Correct me if I am wrong on any of the above.

— Ronald Van Orden Bennington


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