Letter to the editor: Praise for education reporter

Praise for education reporter

I write this letter to praise the job in which one of your reporters, Derek Carson, has done throughout the past year with regards to covering different events at my school, the Village School of North Bennington. I cannot send enough accolades your way about the professional, articulate, excellent job he has done when covering educational experiences that we have undertaken. I praise him, and the Banner, for many reasons.

First of all, he has always been encouraging about connecting with him for any newsworthy happenings. This has not always been the case in past years. I have been a teacher for over 40 years in the community and there have been many ups and downs concerning coverage from the Bennington Banner. The past few years have been the best. Derek is truthful that he cannot cover a story every time I contact him, but he is always willing and inviting to call again for another time.

The writing of his articles is seriously done. He asks many questions and includes many different voices when gathering his information so that it is accurate and broad. I find his articles very thorough, often with further investigation happening on his part outside of our school, and he goes the extra mile to include details and to write a high quality news article. Within the article, he is careful to be inclusive with the different agencies that may be involved. I often hear very positive comments about the coverage from many people.

And lastly, I find him very respectful to the children. He makes them feel extremely special to be included. When a reporter takes the time to carefully know the correct spelling of their names and works hard to quote them in the article, it wins points with me. We spend time after an event talking about his job as a reporter and I feel it is career education at its best.

Thank you. Thank you for supporting Derek in his job and encouraging him to continue to do his best work. i am very happy he works for our local newspaper.

— Pat Gibbons, fourth grade teacher, Village School of North Bennington


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