Letter to the editor: Positive first impressions

Saturday December 8, 2012

Positive first impressions

I have been in Bennington for two and a half months. I came in a hurry.

There was one corner condo available in Bennington and I took it. And I took it with no regrets and still have no regrets. I moved from the Burlington area after 30 years of living, and 20 years of raising a family. Now empty nested, and divorced again, I am starting over. I have had help along the way but that is not the story I want to tell here.

Some of you will recognize my dog, a black and white Siberian husky, Mya. We take twice a day, daily walks around the town. My standard path is the river walkway but I have walked in all directions in whatever a one to two hour walk will allow me. I am attracted to Main Street because it is a small town main street with owner-operated businesses. Burlington was like that when I first arrived. Burlington had a town character, George George was friends with the fire department. He took the time to clean up the streets and trash. Church Street was new in its reincarnation to keep the downtown vital. When George died, others came along, the clarinet man, the hot dog lady and even a musician who has now a statue dedicated to him on Church Street, but there is really no town character anymore.

Mya and I cannot walk past anyone without someone petting her. The other, early morning Mya requested her morning break and I locked myself out. It turned out to be a pleasant but cold morning as I met some of the town's business owners, who had the time to talk to me. Enough time that I started to get a feeling for the character of the town. I like what I have found.

People still say hello here.

David Pittman



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