Letter to the editor: Pleased over local coverage.

Pleased over local coverage

We should all be grateful to our "new" Bennington Banner for the wonderful coverage of concerts by local school, college, and community groups, as well as individuals. I dare not name any lest I leave some out, but we have all seen the notices - photographs, large and small, and the accompanying articles. I have had a long life as a classical violinist and violist, and for some forty years as a teacher and music director in secondary boarding schools. I know how much the recognition, encouragement, and support by the larger community matters, especially to young people, amateurs, and students at any age. A concert or public performance represents hours of dedication and hard work - individual and collective - as does a sport. Also, like team sports, they teach responsibility to a a group as well as to one's self, and may well become of lasting and life-long interest and participation. Viva la musica!

— Joe Schaaf Bennington


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