Letter to the editor: Please re-elect me to the MAU Board

Please re-elect me to the MAU Board

Please consider me for another term on the MAU board. I would to serve the community again. I think I've help keep tax increases lower than might otherwise be, and there is more to be done. Going forward, here is some of what I offer if elected:

Vermont high school education is going to be remodeled. I'm not speaking of the consolidation movement, but of Act 77 which will change the process of how students earn credits for graduation. Starting with the coming year, students will have a Personal Learning Plan that allows graduation credits classroom learning, work based learning, online learning, and will meld some credits into college credits through the Vermont College system. The aim of the change is to assure all students graduate and every graduate is ready for college, ready for career and ready for citizenship.

Credit requirements in Vermont are determined by the local boards. I have considerable experience in industrial training on projects such as managing training programs for new subway trains in Washington D.C. and Cleveland, and training for power plants around the world. My latest project was rewriting and revising training materials for the most technically advanced hydro plant in the nation. It's a robot, controlled by computers. Its how many industrial facilities will operate in the future. I've also conducted operations, maintenance and safety training. Among other things, this experience will be useful when we are tasked with developing or refining work-based learning credits.

I have also served you on the CDC board for 12 years, which melds nicely with my power and industry background. On citizenship, I'm a USAF veteran, but most of my concepts of citizenship and being a productive citizen were formed under mentoring and expectations of the teachers and Fr. Spinelli at Bennington Catholic High School. That means I've been around for a long time and haven't forgotten the bits of wisdom passed on to me. Hopefully serving on the MAU board allows some of that to passed on again.

— Edward Letourneau Bennington


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