Letter to the editor: Phil Scott will bring prosperity

Phil Scott will bring prosperity

Regardless of one's political leaning, everyone wants to see Vermont prosper. Democrat, Progressive, Republican, Independent; whatever label we give ourselves means less than our desire for prosperity. We all want an improved quality of life for ourselves, our family and our neighbors. As a person with nearly thirty years' experience doing business in Vermont, I view prosperity as an important feature of the Vermont brand. Prosperity in all its forms draws people to invest capital, spend discretionary income and enjoy their time in Vermont.

Yet prosperity is slipping away. Compared to a decade or two ago, jobs pay less, substance abuse has grown substantially and taxes are higher. I suspect these negative indicators of prosperity, and others such as the cost of education and housing, are interconnected and are part of a general, downward spiral.

In recent years, Montpelier has actually hindered prosperity by making huge, failed investments in areas such as a poorly functioning health insurance exchange and by passing a string of bills and conducting expensive studies supporting pet ideas of limited value. Promoting widespread quality of life through enhanced prosperity simply does not seem to be the priority of many Legislators and other elected officials.

Our next Governor must propose and enforce spending limits and require more efficiencies, all in a "win-win" manner. It's a tough job but it can be done. It must be done, and the best candidate to do it is Phil Scott. Phil is a businessman, a volunteer entrepreneur with Wheels for Warmth, a state senator and lieutenant governor. Of all the candidates, he has the vision, commitment, personal make-up, and experience that best fits this challenging work.

— Paul Carroccio Manchester


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