Letter to the editor: More musing on death and immortality

More musing on death and immortality

This communication deals with the article, "Deborah Alecson, Musings on Mortality: Quest for immortality drives fear of death," (March 4, Bennington Banner).

Our Father in Heaven has a Plan for all of us. He has given us the choice to do good or evil and depending on our choice or way of life we can be either recipients of all God had or what the Devil (Satan) has in store for us. Me, at almost 93 and a half, wonder why I am I still here. I've read somewhere when we pass from our life here and into the next our questions we have had here will be answered in the hereafter. If we read our Scriptures we find we are a dual person spirit with a fleshy body. According to Scripture we are supposed to consider our bodies sacred. When I leave this life I'd like to find out how come the doctor, when I was five years old, told my mother he either doesn't have a thyroid or it is just not working, and didn't think I would live to be 20.

I spend much time reading the Bible and Book of Mormon. God does answer prayer, but on His own timetable. So far, I haven't found out why. I do thank Him for my exceptional health. No aches, pains, headaches. Sleep good so while according to Scripture if I keep all of God's commandments I will have immortality and can't say I have a fear of death. I just want to be with my departed wife. I wonder, when do I depart this life?

— John Lawrence Wandrei Bennington


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