Letter to the editor: Manchester's loss

Manchester's loss

A month ago, Manchester lost an extraordinary resident. Through no fault of its own, The Bennington Banner did not publish his obituary; I don't think anyone thought to submit it. The reason I am writing this is to acknowledge this man who was an important figure in our family's life as well as hundreds of others.

You see, Floyd Eastman was born in Dorset, Vermont in 1908 and lived to the incredible age of 107 years! People who were in Manchester a long time ago will remember Eastman's Market, right downtown in Manchester Center, where you could buy the finest cuts of meat, sharp cheddar cheese off a huge wheel on the counter, and local maple syrup. But you also got a friendly welcome, a chat, and usually a story or two as your order was prepared.

In addition to having the market, Floyd and his wife Addie were our landlords in an apartment upstairs over them when, after Dad came home from service in World War II, we needed a place for our young family to live. Addie and Floyd became like grandparents to us, treating us with love and kindness for quite a few years until we outgrew the apartment.

I just think that it's noteworthy when a hard working native Vermonter lives to such an amazing age, and wanted to share it, hoping some of you may remember.

— Judith Pennock Bennington


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