Letter to the editor: Libertarians not "anti-government."

Libertarians not "anti-government."

The Banner's June 5 editorial titled "Libertarian ticket may be heard from" provided a valuable overview of the recent party convention in which two former governors were nominated for the Libertarian presidential and vice presidential slots.

However, I believe that the editorial misses the target in stating, "The Libertarians' anti-government stance is akin to that of the Republicans, and the ticket is more likely to take votes away from the GOP than Democrats."

Libertarians are not "anti-government," but do oppose government overreach. Libertarians would abolish statist policies such as warrantless surveillance, the drug war, and the reckless use of eminent domain to seize private property. They prefer economic development and cooperative trade to military imperialism. At its core, Libertarianism is about the idea that individuals can be trusted to make the best decisions about their own lives with a minimum of government micromanagement.

Libertarians believe that progress comes from the inventor, the entrepreneur and the small business owner, not from government-subsidized corporations or power-hungry bureaucracies.

Of course Libertarians believe there are many roles for government, including providing a national defense, maintaining our infrastructure and managing a criminal justice system that prosecutes criminals that do harm to others.

Libertarianism is a set of ideas that should appeal to anyone who values individualism over statism, regardless of what political party they have supported in the past.

— Dana Rozycki Bennington


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