Letter to the editor: In defense of Second Chance Animal Center

In defense of Second Chance Animal Center

This is a response to a letter submitted by Lowre LaVigne LaCroix that appeared in the Banner on Tuesday, July 26.

It was very unfortunate that Ms. LaCroix had such difficulty in getting assistance with the injured kitten. It was also very sad that the kitten had to be euthanized.

I can understand the frustration that she went through but feel that her criticisms of the Second Chance Animal Center need to be addressed. First off, Second Chance is a shelter, not an animal hospital. There are many of those in the area and that should have been Ms. LaCroix's first call. Second Chance takes in strays, surrendered dogs, and cats for myriad reasons: neglected, abandoned, and even abused companion animals find their way to the shelter. Those that end up at Second Chance are then adopted out to suitable homes. Second Chance is a "no-kill" shelter and yes, sometimes incoming surrendered animals have to be placed in a waiting list because of a lack of space. The shelter is usually full, especially with dogs, but when there is room and the waiting list is emptied Second Chance takes overflows from other shelters. Several times a year dogs from a "kill shelter" in West Virginia are brought to Second Chance. Their lives have been saved.

Ms. LaCroix, to answer your question as to "what do they do, exactly?" let me offer some recent numbers as of 2015:

• 610 cats were taken in with 322 of those being kittens less than six months old. Four-hundred eighty-nine of those were adopted out.

• 208 dogs were taken in, 204 of those were adopted out.

• 484 cats were spayed/neutered.

So far, in 2016, 283 cats and 87 dogs have been taken in and of that number 175 cats and 79 dogs have found homes.

On the collar of every dog at Second Chance Animal Center are the words "Love, Respect, Adopt." That summarized the mission of this wonderful facility. It has been my privilege to be a volunteer dog walker at Second Chance for the past five years. Ms. LaCroix, you should stop in to see for yourself what it is they do exactly at Second Chance. Consider becoming a volunteer. There is always a demands for volunteers.

— John Wright, volunteer dog walker Arlington


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