Letter to the editor: Grateful to people of Shires Housing

We grateful people of Shires Housing.

I am a tenant and have been in this apartment going on 17 years. Recently, Shires Housing decided that our house was chosen to be renovated inside and out. They were telling us tenants for some time that the renovations were going to happen. So we all were moved out until the renovations were completed. I, at first, didn't think this would happen but it did.

Shires Housing employees were great helping the moves in and out be less stressful. I myself believed that the renovations were just going to be fixing a few things. Boy, was I surprised. Moving back to School Street felt like I died and went to heaven. What a beautiful job that was done. I am still quite overwhelmed by the changes made. Shires should be complimented for hiring the builders Naylor and Breen. What wonderful, hard-working, patient, and respectable all the employees of Naylor's are. They all went over and above their heads to make everything just perfect. Their boss, Ron, made sure everything was done just right. All these people should be highly praised for the job they did for us. I didn't believe that there were any kind and respectable people left in this world but these guys from the builders, plumbers, electricians, painters and anyone else involved should be highly praised for the wonderful job they had done. I, myself, am more than grateful to each and every one of them. They all had great attitudes and very respectable to all our needs. They and their boss should be proud of themselves. I know I am one person who is very grateful to them all. Hearing thank you and how grateful one is hard for people to say. But if you are tenants of Shires and your place is being renovated say how grateful you are and thank them. These words mean so much to them all. They all should be recognized for the wonderful job they have done for us. All they hear are negative feedback. They all deserve to hear positive things. I am myself grateful to have met each and every one of you guys that made my house beautiful. And I am very proud to be a tenant of Shires Housing.

So people, take time and stroll down School Street and see how beautiful our house is now. Great job Shires for hiring these wonderful people of Naylor and Breen to renovate this house. I know I am one lucky person to know them all. And even luckier to be able to live here. So all you landlords out there; you know who to call when you decide to do some renovations. You won't be sorry, believe me.

— Sandie David Bennington


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