Letter to the editor: Drugs a recurring theme in Bennington

Drugs a recurring theme in Bennington

This seems to be a reoccurring theme in Bennington. Dealers move into the area, service existing addicts, and create a new supply of addicts. The addicts themselves become dealers to support their habit. In the meanwhile, law abiding citizens get all the pleasant side effects, such as burglary and other associated crimes, children forced into an already overburdened foster care system due to parental neglect, and an increase in overtime costs to our local police departments; all of which is heaped onto taxpayers. Also, will the criminals that were just arrested be allowed to cut deals or otherwise avoid prosecution only to be picked up again when the next round of warrants are served? When will Bennington reach its breaking point? Taxpayers are already forced to support these criminals before they offend, during their incarceration, and after they are released. Anyone who thinks otherwise is only fooling themselves. These funds could be used to repair our roads and bridges, or reinvested in our schools. Instead, it is being flushed down the tubes trying to support those unable or unwilling to change their direction in life. Until the State of Vermont takes the steps to make dealers feel unwelcome, such as stiffer penalties for those giving shelter to these criminals, as well as harsher sentencing for those convicted of dealing this poison, the parade will continue. I give a big round of applause to our local and state police departments, they are doing the best they can with the resources they have. It is us to say no more, no more coddling these criminals and their accomplices, no more looking the other way, and no more poisoning of our society and its citizens. By the way, who thinks it is a good idea to decriminalize one drug while trying to stem the flow with another? Me neither.

— Mike Andrews Bennington


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