Letter to the editor: Democrats flip-flop

Democrats flip-flop

Is this not a joke. The Debates so what? Are you telling me if Kennedy had done better in the debates we would have not had the Cuban missile crisis and the Vietcong and North Vietnam would not have attacked South Vietnam? Supreme Court. Now the Republican's can give the candidate to the court the Judge Bork treatment. Love the way news is showing Democrats who said should wait for next President now flip flopping. Cost of New Hampshire primary Spending Sanders $8.1 million, Clinton $10.8 million, Bush $36.1 million, just to name three. As I said before, would it not be nice if Vermont had our primary the same day as New Hampshire and some of that money had been spent here? Or is it a case the Democrat legislator's done feel we need money being spent in Vermont as we are so rich?

— James W. McSherry Bennington


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