Letter to the editor: Cultures of death

The cultures of death

In Germany, as we speak, one of the presumably last instruments of death during the holocaust finally had his day in court. At the age of 94, he was convicted of assisting in the demise of countless thousands. His defense was the usual: he was not in control, he was under orders. As a matter of fact, he was not even directly involved, he was merely the "accountant," counting the various possessions of the victims. A watch here, a golden tooth there.

Here in the US, Planned Parenthood - an organization with a peculiar legacy - was recently seen in a disturbing video, in which the head of the organization was talking quite matter of factly about another matter of "accounting" - the disposal (for money, if one can believe it) of the body parts of other victims. Here too the defense was the usual: I was not in control, I was under orders.

Once one accepts the concept of the death of an individual, it is a rapid descent into a culture in which the agent of death is merely an instrument, an instrument wielded by others for the benefit of the society at large.

How tragic that we, in this beautiful country, with a people with an insurmountable sense of justice and compassion for the weakest among us - be they of color, or differing sexual preference, be they loyal citizens, or immigrants, how tragic that we are ourselves involved in a culture of death.

Oh, if only "Planned Parenthood" provided help and guidance to our young people, provided them with counseling, with freely available contraceptives, offering refuge perhaps to a young woman abused by her friends, parents, lovers. Sad to say, it seems that the organization is in fact a federally subsidized arm of the abortion industry. We tax payers, whether we like it or not, are all involved. Our money flows freely into those institutions, which under the guise of serving the common good, are in fact willing instruments of death.

But there is good news in all this. In our community, we are also privileged with a professionally run organization, Care Net Pregnancy Center, which in fact serves our young people precisely in the manner described above, providing them with counseling and all else, with one exception. They provide help in life, not in death. Our young people need and deserve such loving care.

— Leonid Garder Sunderland


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