Letter to the editor: Credibility and "News Papers," the oxymoron faced by the "media."


Credibility and "News Papers," the oxymoron faced by the "media."

There was a time, years ago that one could watch the news broadcasts of any of the major networks, listen to most any radio station or read most news papers where honesty, fairness and credibility did exist. There was a time of civility, respect and consideration during the political seasons and, during the election cycle. This country was, for the most part, united in terms of preserving the laws of the land and protecting our liberties and freedom. Both Republicans and Democrats would ultimately move toward the center and join together honoring the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Somewhere along the way our system was derailed. Divisiveness and vitriol became the order of the day. Once highly respected media sources dropped reporting the news in favor of being propaganda machines spewing-out one-sided slurry and viciously attacking anyone who has the resolve to confront them.

Now we have the Bennington Banner, the oracle of our little New England town that churns-out in half-dozen pages, the local news, some stories of general interest and, an editorial section throwing-out roses or thorns. If that were the extent of it, that would be fine. However, there are a few other regular contributors, which add to the mix as if they were standing on a milk carton in Putnam Square proselytizing at the top of their lungs. In particular, you have Alden Graves', Graves Registry; a weekly column by a pathological misfit who hides in the stacks at the Northshire Book Store with his thesaurus in one hand, cliff's notes in the other pumping out character assassinations using anachronisms, analogies and euphemism against anyone he perceives is to the right of Saul Alinsky. Perhaps this is also an unfair assessment and his columns are intended to be viewed as a source of entertainment. However, he finally crossed the line of decency with The doctor and the iceberg vignette. Shame on the Banner for printing this baseless, putrid, discriminatory column, you have now lowered yourselves to the level of The New York Slimes! And, the circulation rate confirms it.

— Alan M. Wachstein Bennington


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