Letter to the editor: Clinton gets a pass

Clinton gets a pass

I have two subjects to express my thoughts and or opinion on. The first is an amusing, or maybe a better word would be ironic, comparison of two current news items.

The first item being the results of the FBI and Department of Justice's inquiries into Hillary Clinton's past email situation.

After being interviewed by the FBI regarding her unsecure private server for her computer the findings, according to director James Comey, were " Extremely careless". This, in my opinion, could have resulted in a serious breach of national security information. It seems that we will never know the extent, damage or results of this "carelessness" by the Secretary of State. For this Ms. Clinton received not even a slap on the wrist. That's known as "getting a pass."

More recently three people associated with the insecure private server refused to answer questions before a Congressional Committee hearing, citing their right under the fifth amendment not to incriminate themselves.

Before the findings were made public there was a meeting between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. We were assured that only maybe baseball, the weather and family gatherings etc. were discussed at this meeting. To me this shows how ignorant these people assume the voting public to be.

Now compare the above scenario with the following;

In July workers in Monkton were clearing land in preparation to laying a natural gas pipe line. They inadvertently cut down five percent of a field of the state- threatened " Harsh Flowers". The folks in charge, realizing this, immediately notified the appropriate parties; namely, the Agency of Natural Resources and the Department of Fish and Wildlife of their mistake. The last I have read on the subject there may be penalties imposed. Compare the seriousness of the two situations and "Go figure!"

— Ron Alderman Bennington


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