Letter to the editor: Career criminal violence, not gun violence

Career criminal violence, not gun violence

There is no such thing as knife violence, gun violence, bank robbery violence. We have only catch and release repeated violence by career, violent evil ones who were formerly done away with by the death penalty. Of course, the devoted Muslims who strictly follow the words of the Koran can rape and kill all those who are not Muslims and remain a continuous physical threat which we commonly call terrorism.

The solution is simple, return to the death penalty, and return to the former years when prisons were not fitted with televisions, weight rooms, and all the comforts of home. Seventy years ago when I was a boy of 10 years, I recall that no one wanted to go to a prison, and the sentences given out by judges were completed. There was still crime, but we could safely carry our rifles on airplanes and few molested or caused others to be afraid. Those who did evil deeds when caught, did not get any second chances. Obviously, the rehabilitation of evil ones has not happened. Recently, it was a career criminal who knifed to death the two nuns in Louisiana, and it was career criminals who killed the N.B.A. star's cousin in Chicago. The career criminals in Connecticut, who some years ago hit the doctor with a baseball bat, raped his wife and daughter, and set fire to their home killing all but the doctor, were evil. It was not the baseball bat that was violent, and it should not be sold without background checks, but the catch and release evil ones, who are doing the violence and the killing.

— Bill Tufts Bethel


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