Letter to the editor: Can no longer turn a blind eye to climate change

Can no longer turn a blind eye to climate change

The world has been brought together to meet on climate change at the United Nations Climate Change Conference. We can no longer turn an eye at the reality of our changing climate. According to James Yang's article in the New York Times, the heat caused by human emissions roughly equals the heat that from 400,000 atomic bombs. This increased heat is causing our ice caps to melt, which in turn raises the sea level. Studies show that if all of the ice sheets were to melt the ocean level would increase by 160 feet. This will cause dry spells to intensify and generate much stronger hurricanes.

The warming effect on our planet is so severe that it is too late to reverse the effects of our actions. However, we can slow the effects by changing our habits. Moving toward greener technology, go on airplane trips fewer times per year. The best way of fighting climate change would come from national policy. Climate change is real, there is no denying that. We can continue our lives and experience no ill effects in our lifetimes, but to do that would mean shifting the problem over to younger generations.

— Dominic Stilwell Springfield


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