Letter to the editor: BBC letter was spin

BBC letter was spin

Responding to Mr. Hurd's letter in Thursday's Banner, it sounds like a bit of spin to me.

When are we going to admit that the Better Bennington Corporation is not fulfilling their charter mission? Isn't it time to dissolve the BBC and bring it totally under the umbrella of the Town -- especially if Mr. Hurd continues to promote using the General Fund money to offset the weaknesses of the BBC -- or find another organization that can handle that $70,000 in a better way. Sorry, it's $75,000 this year.

The BBC also is now going to get from the Town free rent that the general public will pay for. The Select Board also waived fees for police services when they do events like Mayfest. And now they're getting $13,400 -- and all of this is basically coming out of the General Fund.

How come this organization by the Select Board isn't mandated to match at least half of their tax allotment given by the businesses of the Downtown each year?

If this was any other organization it would be abolished. I also wonder if there isn't a growing incestuous relationship between the BBC's board of directors and the Select Board. I believe that some of these Select Board members sit on the BBC board of directors. And I believe there are also a couple of BBC board members who are now running for the Select Board. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong.

Maybe this is why the spin comes from such a high place in our Town government.

— Mike Bethel Bennington


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