Letter to the editor: Banner is just interested in digging up dirt

Banner is just interested in digging up dirt

Keith Whitcomb Jr. as Banner editor has the easiest job in the world. All he has to do is copy someone else's paperwork. Back when I was in school they called that cheating.

On Thursday, my wife and I had our 37th wedding anniversary. She said we have always led a quiet and peaceful life. How did things get so blown out of proportion just by caring?

I gave her flowers and we had Pizza Hut pizza for supper. We ran around giving slices to friends. We stopped to see an older friend in a nursing home that we helped take care of for 20 years. Glad we did, she passed away the next day.

Now my wife said I want to buy you a hat at Elderman's for a present. Got in just before closing at 7 p.m.

Started back with van on Stoney Back Road. Felt it swaying. Stopped by stop sign to see blown tire. Started to change when a Ford Explorer went by, backed up and said you need a hand. He changed the tire before dark.

Remember the words in the song one tin soldier walks away. Now the valley people killed the mountain people turned the stone to look for treasures. Peace on earth was all it said.

Before you judge get the whole story. Walk a mile in my shoes. God is watching.

— Ed Corey Shaftsbury.

Editor's note: This letter was submitted on April 24.


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