Letter to the editor: Appreciated Sow's letter

Appreciated Sow's letter

I appreciate very much Mahamadou Sow's expression of love for this country and his Muslim religion while denying the legitimacy of extremists who murder and torture. His letter was printed in the Bennington Banner on Dec. 9. While I question the wisdom of some of the measures he suggests that would likely curtail our civil liberties, thereby giving terrorists a victory over our way of life, I thank him for speaking against jihadist violence from within the Muslim community and urging his co-religionists throughout the world to do the same. Mr. Sow's words clearly express gratitude and a strong sense of good fortune that he lives in the United States. Our Muslim neighbors who are making good lives in our free society may be the best argument that we have against ISIS and other extreme groups wanting to drive a wedge between Islam and the West. I fear the talk of some politicians and media personalities toward our Muslim communities. Let us not turn on good citizens making them fear their neighbors as well as those who wreak violence. We must not use our Muslim neighbors as scapegoats for the violence of our society. Atrocious acts are committed in the name of all religions, including Christianity, and in the name of no religion at all. Those of us who dream, in Mr. Sow's words " of peace, love and a well-organized world free of violence and extremism," must stand together and make our voices heard.

— Ann Kremers Bennington


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