Letter to the editor: A response to Lowre LaVigne LaCroix's opinion of Second Chance

A response to Lowre LaVigne LaCroix's opinion of Second Chance

Welcome to the world of a shelter, a rescue who every day face the challenges of animals in need. Who every day are overwhelmed, who carry the burden of so many because of negligent pet owners. Not spaying/neutering and then allowing them to wander the streets becoming impregnated, fighting and running to survive. Pet owners should be the ones accountable to make sure their pets are safe and cared for.

Second Chance Animal Shelter is just that a Shelter. They are not a 24/7 Veterinary Clinic providing medical needs to injured animals. The receptionist and administrator did in fact do exactly what they are there for; they provided you the resources to seek medical care for the injured kitten.

Second chance is a very caring and dedicated facility. Many animals pass through their loving hands. Many abandoned, abused, injured pets pass through the shelter, each receiving the best care and the greatest Love they can be given. They are a No Kill shelter which means there are times they are at their maximum number of pets they can house.

I myself privately take in many cats/kittens and dogs every year. Without the assistance and guidance from the staff at Second Chance Animal Shelter I could not possibly save and find homes for as many as I do. This shelter holds me up and keeps me going. They have provided hundreds of feline spays/neuters, certificates for canine spay/neuters. The staff a few years ago even sat with me to teach me how to feed and care for orphaned new born kittens. They are a dedicated and caring bunch, with hearts of gold. The public needs to recognize the shelter itself is not the answer, it is all they have to offer that will guide and direct the public to the best possible outcome for the pet in need. I most definitely understand the position that you found yourself in. Sadly your opinion was based off your emotion, your need. You did a great thing stepping up to help the injured kitten. The world needs exactly that, more people to Step up, take responsibility, find the solution not just assume it's a shelter they will do it.

I beg that the public continue to support Second Chance Animal Shelter so animals can continue to be saved, provided warmth when it's cold, food when they are hungry, a human hand when they are lonely, the spays/neuters, rabies and distemper vaccinations, micro chipping and much more that is done for them during the time Second Chance acts as their stepping stone for a better future. Thousands of animals would suffer without Second Chance.

I agree with John Wright, Ms. LaCroix stop at the shelter, see what happens behind the doors only then you will know the hard work and dedication of Second Chance.

Tammie Woods Hoosick Falls, N.Y.


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