Letter to Congress


Congressman, I can no longer sit silently on the sidelines and watch the continuing three-ring circus of the liberal Democrats pursuing their agenda of corruption, cronyism and now, gross disrespect toward American heroes and their families.

Watching you and your cohorts during the Benghazi hearings simply get up and walk out prior to the surviving family members trying to testify is by far one of the most disgraceful, insolent and embarrassing situations that I have ever witnessed of elected public officials.

You are nothing but a bunch of lemmings trying to finish the job started by the White House and the State Department in trying to cover-up the truth and preclude any possibility of accountability or responsibility by anyone connected with the Obama reign.

The White House’s attempt to blame the victims in this situation is an all-time political low.

The longer this is perpetuated the sooner the American people will finally realize that our country has been hijacked after making a number of serious wrong turns at which time it will be your turn to take the heat of a very angry country.




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