Letter: Thanks to supporters


I would like to thank my supporters for their faith and efforts, and I want to congratulate our newest Select Board member. My hope is that he helps to push through an agenda of economic development that will bring business and prosperity to Bennington.

As I tried to make clear during my campaign, Bennington has been stuck in neutral or even going backwards with respect to economic development, and it remains my firm conviction that many of the problems facing our community can be reduced or eliminated by increasing economic opportunity for all of our citizens. Welcoming in commercial development to places such as the old Johnson Controls site, instead of waiting for the magical, mystical industrial or manufacturing company to come along, is one way to jump-start growth. Another is for our town to start talking publicly about some of the companies that have expressed interest in Bennington. It should not be a secret that a Fortune 500 company is thinking of coming here -- by trumpeting such a thing, we can let other companies know that Bennington is someplace worth considering. So, if a large retail clothing store such as T.J. Maxx, Target, or Kohl’s comes knocking at our door, we should not only welcome them with open arms, we should be letting the world know that we’re a place for business.

I look forward to our watching our new Select Board and how they will, hopefully, not make the same mistakes as they have in the past regarding commercial development here in Bennington.



A bright light in Bennington

Recently Bennington has had a few dark clouds over it, but there still remains one very bright highlight. That is the outstanding medical services we have available to us right here in town. I recently had partial knee replacement at Southwest Vermont Medical Center and I had the best experience one could ever hope for. The doctors, nurses, and support staff demonstrated their conviction to providing the highest service and care a patient could expect. I want to give special credit to Dr. Matt Nofziger, my surgeon, for a great surgical result and to Dr. Eric Seyferth for attending to my other medical issues during my stay.

Our town should be proud to have such a highly qualified resource for our various medical needs.



Support GMO labeling bill

Vermont Senators, I hope you support B.112, the GMO labeling bill. I would feel that me and my family can lead most optimum, healthy lives if given the knowledge which foods have been made with GMOs.




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