Letter: Showing support respectfully

Friday January 4, 2013

Bennington has always been my home. I have lived here for my entire life and even though I attend college in Burlington I still can't wait to come back to be with my family and friends. To me a home is a place where one will always feel safe and supported. In the past, I have seen Bennington come together and become a force to be reckoned with; the creation of the Community Built Park, helping those affected by Tropical Storm Irene, and the candlelight vigil for the tragic events in Newtown Conn. have shown our strength as a town. We must use this strength at the individual level keep Bennington a home for those going through tough times.

As 2013 arrives let us continue the tradition of showing support and care for our neighbors. Instead of talking about those who are in trouble or need, pray that they find peace and solutions for their issues. I ask that we refrain from posting our concern on social media outlets and direct our wishes privately. With issues so personal we must honor our friends by respecting their space and their dignity.

Please show your support in a discreet manner because it is degrading and hurtful to have one's delicate matters in the limelight. It means more to deliver messages and care at an individual level; it shows how much one values the friendship and wellbeing of those in need. Done in a respectful manner, this community has the ability to give those facing difficult issues the home that they dearly need.




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