Letter: Shaftsbury Country Store is closing


We would like to thank you and say we will miss you.

For the past nine years you have been the colorful characters and unbelievable stories that have become our life. For all those characters and stories we thank you for every minute of every day. It is so sad that we will not be a part of your lives the way we have been for so long. Our kids are growing too fast to miss any of it. This community has been so supportive and wonderful that we hope that you will be the same with this decision that we had to make. We will forever think of you when passing a porch with rocking chairs and we hope you will do the same when you pick up an empty cup of coffee or a burnt muffin.

It will never be about the money you spent but always about the time you shared with us. We won’t be far away. I will still be teaching and coaching at Mount Anthony Middle School and Evan will be right down the road at Shaftsbury Dental (DO not worry ... He does not know how to use power tools. Your mouth is safe.) He will be in the office.

Please come by to share another story and a cup of coffee before we close on March 28th.

To all of you who have touched our hearts we will miss you.

The words of a dear friend, Eleanor B. Smith, "It’s not good-bye, but, to be continued."



Shaftsbury Country Store



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