Letter: Roses to John Mahar

Roses to John Mahar

My parents are buried in the St. Joseph Cemetery, which is located in Webster, Mass., 125 miles away. It is a fairly large and old cemetery that gets basic maintenance. When my parents were buried, the grave marker was placed level with the ground. Over the years, these markers sank in the ground and the grass grew over them completely. Last summer, my son and I were on our hands and knees poking with a screwdriver to locate the markers. Once we located them, we removed the sod and grass, but we knew it was only a temporary fix.

I went and told John Mahar about the problem and without hesitation he said he could solve the problem. First he had to find out what was allowable in that cemetery. He made phone calls and had his questions answered. Next, he drove over two hours to locate the site and assess the situation. He told me we could install an above-ground marker with both my parents names engraved. He made me a picture of what it would look like. Perfect, was my reply. So John had the stone made, but before he could place it on the site, he had to put in a three foot deep foundation. John and his crew traveled the 125 miles and installed the foundation.

He gave the foundation time to set and then made a third trip to place the new marker on the site. The final product was absolutely perfect. When I got the bill I was amazed. Very fair and reasonable.

My family and I are deeply indebted to John for fixing our problem at an affordable price. This community is fortunate to have business people like John and is family, who are dedicated to serving the people with the high quality and professionalism.

— Robert Poblocki,



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