Letter: Questions for the Shaftsbury Select Board


Questions, issues for the Select Board to address:

1). Map showing dump site with monitoring wells. All six, plus the three trailers in front.

2). Results for the last 10 years of contamination levels.

3). Show results of monitoring well down by Airport Road, where green slime runs into ditch.

4). Contact attorney Tom Daily for paperwork showing land fill has continued at all three trailer wells.

5). Cost of first bond vote: Break down engineering, design, administration, highway labor, highway equipment.

6). The cost of the second bond vote: Break down engineering, design, administration, highway labor, highway equipment.

7). The cost from the second vote until now of highway crew labor, equipment labor cost of all clearning that has been done.

8). What about the permit from the Agency of Natural Resources saying there should be a 1,000-foot seback from landfill site is met. Are building and digging permitted?

9). The design of the sewer system if inground is permitted close to dump.

10). Cost of the purchse of Crawford Trailer compared to cost of purchase of Mattison Trailer.

Questions, issues related to claim of no sites available:

1). Find plans of Town Garage proposal to build on Peter Cross land (old Shea property).

2). Find Select Board minutes in which Ken Coonradt proposed to buy Shea property.

3). Town is currently renting Peter Cross Land — what is the cost to the town per year and the number of years it has been rented?

4). Mitch Race stated that no land is available, yet Peter is more than willing to do a rent with option buy and hold the mortgage instead of a bank.

5). Paperwork showing cost of the garage to be built on this site.

6). Map showing lot size with where town equipment is parked. Location of moutain of sand piled on the lot.

7). Copy of petition showing 159 townspeople signed to purchase land.

8). I have said many times in the last five years that I would help to mediate the purchase like I did on the Crawford property. Why was I not contacted?

9). Art Whitman told me he was working with Peter on the purchase. What happened to that?

When you get this information, call so we can discuss this at the Select Board meeting.

Ed Corey



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