Letter: In response to Dick Bower


Dick Bower, in his last letter on Obamacare, mentions a single-payer system as if that will save this crippled program. I know what the general definition of mitigation is. What I asked for was specifics: How you expect all the insurmountable problems that keep cropping up will be handled, and how they will be paid for.

It seems that every time the liberals post another pie-in-the-sky program, when the raison d'être fails, they come up with another pie-in-the-sky idea like single-payer system that the daydreamers can hang their hopes on. Forget whether or not the single-payer system is equitable or affordable, or workable, for that matter. If the website for signing up fiasco is any indication of the whiz kids' ability to run a successful operation, we are in deep trouble.

While my president talks about health care that is free for everyone, people are being hit with big bills for "free" service. He is about to kill some 400 Medicare "Advantage" programs, and transfer the "savings" to his blood-sucking failure, affordable health care. Is that the kind of mitigation Dick is talking about?




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