Letter: In praise of Oller


As I was reading Sean Marie Oller’s Guest Column in the Banner on Feb. 27, asking for support of the MAU budget, I was thinking about how long she has been a school board member. When I reached the end of her article, I realized just how long she had been serving and that she was, in fact, stepping down.

I have known Sean Marie for a good part of those 20 years. We served together when I was on the boards back in the mid- 1990s when my children were in the school system. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sean Marie during our time together on school boards and we became good friends. Even if you haven’t always agreed with Sean Marie’s philosophy about education, you cannot disagree that she has been a staunch advocate for education nor question her commitment to this community over her 20 years of service.

I wanted to publicly thank Sean Marie for her dedication and her service to the education community and wish her well in all future endeavors. She has made a difference! Thank you, Sean Marie.


North Bennington


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