Letter: Face the facts - admit the truth

Friday January 25, 2013

Being born and raised in Bennington County, I am a proud Vermonter. I was raised in a family of eight children, our father was a fisherman and hunter all of his life. Having pistols, rifles and shotguns in our home through our growing years. Never have or would we ever use a gun in a commission of a crime. Why? Dad taught us gun safety and how to use and respect them. (Most important we respected our parents.) If the facts and truth are admitted most people will state we live in a drug-crazed society.

Drug-infected parents with altered hearts, minds, give life to offspring, who at birth have it in their system. Gang wars, drug turf, murders with no conscience, mental instability, explains what? Stop the drug problem. Our police officers and general public will be safer. Majority of crime will decrease along with murders. We must not tolerate Satan’s medication to control our society. (It’s not guns, it’s drug-crazed minds.) (My fellow Americans, join the N.R.A.-- we need our freedom!) I realize we will be hearing from the self-excused, denials, and liars, so be it. Congratulations, Chief Doucette.


Tampa, Fla.


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