Letter: Dan Feliciano, as governor, can turn this state around


I am a Republican because the GOP was founded by the abolitionist movement and its principles of small government and minimal interference in the personal lives of citizens appeals to me. I tend to support Republican candidates because of this very platform. However, to me, especially at this time, the welfare of my family and Vermont is what’s at stake and must transcend party. We must think about who would be best suited to lead this state and who possesses the skills necessary to turn things around.

Therefore, I am supporting Dan Feliciano for Governor as a write-in candidate for the Republican Primary because I believe that his extensive experience in health care and effective budgeting are just what Vermont needs at this time. These represent two key issues consistent with Republican principles that can improve the standard of living for all Vermonters. By writing in Dan Feliciano on the Republican Primary for Governor, it will give us the strongest candidate to challenge Peter Shumlin in the General Election.

Vermont is experiencing a budget deficit, a health exchange in crisis, and has been unable to control its spending. In the meantime, citizens are suffering with job losses, are facing rising retail prices for necessary items like food and clothing, and are enduring unsustainable property taxes. Essential services are being cut for the most vulnerable citizens of our state. People and businesses are leaving the state and last year, for the first time in Vermont, more people left the state than came in. We are exporting our most valued commodity: Our children, because they aren’t finding the jobs that allow them to stay and they can’t afford to live here.

Vermont needs a turn-around, and Dan Feliciano has extensive experience in this area in both the public and private sector. He plans to accomplish this in a way that is consistent with the values of the Republican platform and with the values of common-sense Vermonters. Dan Feliciano is the best candidate for Vermonters, regardless of party affiliation. He trusts the people to make decisions for themselves, whether it be the type of school their children attend, what type of health care they need, what kind of car they drive, or what kind of food they eat. For all of these reasons, I am encouraging my fellow Republicans and Independents to join me and vote for Dan Feliciano as write-in candidate in the Republican Primary for Governor on August 26.


State Committeewoman for the Republican Party



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