Justice for Nathan

Saturday July 20, 2013

Who is overlooking the verbal abuse of our special education students? Not the State Board of Education. Not the state’s attorney. Not the state or local police. Nathan is a very bright and intelligent child. He knows right from wrong. Now he has been wronged. This is just a recording of ONE day in the life of Nathan.

What has happened many times through out his little life in public schools is not just a one time occurrence. They just happened to get caught due to a very creative aunt. Verbal abuse is the most damaging form of abuse. Nathan and his family deserve compensation for all the pain and suffering they have accrued.


Bennington Tennis charges deserve a ‘thorn’

Your Roses/Thorns editorials are a refreshing addition to the Bennington Banner.

However, there is one "ROSES" in the July 6-7, 2013, Roses/Thorns Editorial that needs to be clarified. Bennington College has always been very gracious about making the campus available to the general public for a wide variety of activities, including the tennis courts.

For many years, I and other tennis enthusiasts from the local community have enjoyed having access to these unsurpassed tennis courts, a tradition that goes all the way back to the 1930s when the original clay courts were installed.

Prior to the recently-announced agreement between the Bennington Tennis Center and Bennington College, their use was free of charge, but now "there’s an honor charge for the public of $10 per person, per hour."

What might appear to be ROSES is certainly THORNS to some of the of the tennis enthusiasts in the local community.



Location prime for the F-35

Despite an opponent’s resolve to correct an outdated census report, public officials need to address the repercussions of the F-35 fighter plane homing at the Burlington International Airport. The Secretary of the Air Force has to make an educated decision this fall. There is no room for error. Location, location, location is prime for the F-35.



Enjoyed the golf course at Mount Anthony Country Club

I recently spent a week in Bennington and found out about a great deal that Mount Anthony Country Club offered non-members. Not only was the price right -- $45 -- but most importantly the condition of the golf course. The course is in excellent condition!

Your town should be proud to have a golf course in this condition and priced for all golfers.


Gainesville, Ga


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