Journalism is the career for me


Thanks to the Emerging Leaders Program, I was given the opportunity to do a week-long summer internship. Each student in this program was able to arrange their internship to whatever their interests may be. For myself, I picked journalism. Journalism has always interested me and a career with writing has always been ideal for me, considering I've always been told I'm "good" at it and I really do enjoy it!

My week-long internship, was spread out over a five-day period, depending on if there would be anything worthwhile for me to experience. Over the course of these five days, I got to follow along Banner Staff Writer Derek Carson, who typically covers education. Since it's summer, there really haven't been many school board meetings to cover. We instead covered a wide variety of topics, only one having anything to do with his usual norm -- a Woodford school board meeting.

Five days on the job has really put a lot of things into perspective for me and has really given me an idea of what a journalist's job pertains to be. There have been the usual things I've expected and there have been surprises. I've gotten to hear and experience every worker at the Banner's experiences and what their job pertains to. I've never had a solid picture in my mind of what exactly I've wanted to cover as a journalist, and I'm still not sure; seeing many different aspects has helped and if there's anything I've learned, being versatile is key. At least being indecisive has been a good thing for once!

Being on the job has made me come to a conclusion -- that yes, this is the career for me. I enjoy watching and helping stories come together and knowing the bit of experience I have currently, will actually be put to work. I like that every day is not the same; people will say what they will about the job and how it's dying, but I think journalism still has a lot of life left in it and will still continue to be around for years to come. After all, how do those stories that are sent to our phones come together? Somebody wrote them, of course. My internship has given me confidence in this field, even though it can be stressful.

I've really enjoyed my internship as a whole. Everyone I've met has been very nice. I will carry around the knowledge I have learned for years to come and even when I later go out into the field. My plans for after my internship are to enjoy the rest of my summer and plan out my college essays. I'm still not exactly sure where I'm going to go, as so many other high school seniors. I just hope to go to a college that is right for me and has a mass media/communcations program; hopefully a four-year school -- math has been my main obstacle and will continue to be.

Emily Gabert will be a senior at Mount Anthony Union High school in the 2014-15 school year.


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