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Wednesday July 3, 2013

BENNINGTON -- The following cases were heard in Bennington Superior Court Criminal Division the week of July 1. Kayla Vosburgh, 19, of Bennington, pleaded guilty Monday to petit larceny. In February, the state charged her with that, and a felony count of embezzlement after she was accused of taking $36 in merchandise from the Label Shopper, where she worked as a trainee. Vosburgh received a nine- to 12-month suspended sentence and was placed on probation. She also pleaded guilty to a charge of interference with access to emergency services for an unrelated matter.


Amber D. Blake, 30, of Manchester, pleaded guilty Monday to felony counts of cocaine sale, and heroin sale, along with a misdemeanor charge of heroin possession. She also pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of heroin possession, cocaine possession, and possession of a controlled substance from a separate docket. The state agreed to drop a number of other drug related charges at a sentencing hearing, and also agreed not to argue for a sentence longer than 10 years. Any sentence Blake receives will concurrent with any sentence she gets in Windham County, where she has pleaded guilty to a drug charge.

Blake’s charges stem from a traffic stop police made in October when they found drugs in her car. Her more serious charges come from when she was arrested along with dozens of others in "Operation County Strike." Investigators said she told drugs to police informants.


Jeffrey L. Dartt, 51, of Bennington, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a felony count of unlawful trespass. He will serve three months in jail beginning on July 9.

According to an affidavit by Bennington Police, on Monday Robert Testa, of Bradford Street, said someone entered his apartment and apparently broke a window. He told police he saw Dartt, who he knows lives in a nearby apartment, inside his apartment. He said Dartt asked him not to call police.

Testa told police that he was missing $1 from a night stand, a speaker in his bedroom had been moved, and a beer had been moved from his refrigerator and placed next to his computer after being partially consumed. There was another beer can near the broken window that Testa said was not his.

Dartt told police he saw Testa’s apartment had been entered while he was away, so he went in to investigate. He denied breaking the window and said he did asking Testa not to call police because he did not think Testa believed him. Police said Dartt’s blood-alcohol content was .168 percent.


Laura N. Marlow, 29, of Washington Avenue, pleaded not guilty to simple assault on a police officer using bodily fluids, simple assault on a police officer, retail theft, and resisting arrest. She was ordered held without bail until a bed at the Vermont State Hospital becomes open, and a competency evaluation was also ordered to see if she is able to stand trial.

According to an affidavit by Bennington Police Officer Joshua Stemp, on Monday at 6:53 p.m. he went to Martin’s Mobil where a cashier reported that a woman had taken a $1.09 cup of coffee and left without paying. Stemp said he found the woman nearby and asked her why she did not pay for the coffee. She told him it was because she had no money, and kept walking. Stemp said he took her by the arm, and she spit in his face. She would also not comply with Stemp’s commands, so he placed her in handcuffs after taking her to the ground, and waited for other officers to arrive. When they did, Marlow continued to resist him and ultimately scratched his arm, drawing blood.

-- Keith Whitcomb Jr.


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