Hundreds of bands descend upon Albany this weekend

Thursday April 25, 2013

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Get ready. One hundred up-and-coming bands are about to descend upon Albany for a daylong celebration of not just music, but the people who make that music possible.

The second annual MOVE Music Festival comes the Capital Region Saturday, April 27, at 3 p.m. The festival was founded last year by Indian Ledge Music Group president Bernie Walters and Avid Entertainment founder Michael Corts.

"(The idea) started a couple years ago I started to formulate some ideas about what a new festival would be like," Walters said. "I've gone to all kinds of festivals all my life I noticed there wasn't really anything like this (near Albany), there wasn't anything of this nature for upcoming indie bands there weren't any educational aspects ... there was nothing to connect us to each other."

MOVE was designed and run by music industry veterans who in addition to putting together an entertaining show for concertgoers want to provide resources for emerging music artists.

One such music veteran is last year's keynote speaker, Nadine Gelineau, founder and CEO of The MuseBox, an LA and NYC full service artist development agency. When MOVE was in development, the organizers contacted her for advice.

"They asked if I had any input to offer and having been to many, many, many, many, many festivals in my life I had a lot to input," she said.

This year Gelineau and several other industry professionals will hold roundtable workshops to provide guidance for aspiring musicians.

"I see the MOVE festival as an important component of artist development for (the Albany) community," Gelineau said.

Bob Tulipan is the keynote speaker at this year's festival and the author of "Rockin' in the New World," which has been added to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame library. He has worked in the music industry for over 30 years and has been a show producer for bands such as The Police and the Talking Heads as well as managed PIL and the Psychedelic Furs.

"This is a real special event," Tulipan said. "The people they have assembled for this are really a broad base that can offer an amazing amount of advice and I really hope (artists) utilize the opportunity If (artists) participate they'll do things that will advance their careers."

Tulipan remained mum on the actual topics of his keynote address.

"I'm going to challenge people," he said. "But I'm also going to help empower them. But they have to learn they're going to have to work together."

The Music

"I've had the honor of personally picking them myself," Walters said. "I've reviewed 2,100 artists this year I'm very excited to see all of them this year I plan on getting out more and seeing at least six There's great talent."

Most bands had to apply via the MOVE Web site to be considered for a spot at one of the 10 venues spread across Albany.

One such band that applied and was accepted was NYC-based band Black Light Dinner Party, who is touring in support of their new album "Sons and Lovers." The band is made up of vocalist/guitarist Jack Côté, keyboardist Joel Friedman, vocalist/bassist Dan Stevens, and drummer Zach Lipkins.

"Our favorite description (of our music) we've heard so far is ‘dance music for people who want to do more than just dance," Lipkins said. "I think there's a really strong connection and a really vibrant feeling in the crowd (at a BLDP show.) We have the best fans and they're so into it. There's a lot of dancing. From my perspective I couldn't ask for anything more."

Other bands performed last year and were invited back to headline this year such as local favorites Wild Adriatic, made up of vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist Travis Gray, guitarist Shane Gilman, bassist Rich Derbyshire, and drummer Mateo Vosganian.

The band is working on a new album which should drop in 2014 according to Vosganian.

"These new songs that we're demoing now those songs are the most accurate representation of what we do," he said.

Wild Adriatic's next local show will be June 15 at The Perfect Wife in Manchester.

Part of the idea behind MOVE is to capture the spirit of a young SXSW, but indie-pop band Art Decade is no stranger to the large festivals as they've played at SXSW multiple times.

"It's getting bigger and bigger and crazier every year, "As great as it is there, you can have a great show and feel very positive about it but there's 1,000 other shows going on in the same town," said Ben Talmi, Art Decade's Guitarist/Vocalist. "(But MOVE) seems like something new and exciting."

Art Decade's sound is made up of powerful orchestral music with a classic pop undercurrent.

"(We're) neo-symphonic chamber pop, very orchestral at times and new age rock at times," Talmi said.

Art Decade is made up of Talmi, bassist/vocalist Binod Singh, drummer Jamie Walters, guitarist/vox Abe Kimball, and multi-instrumentalist Joe Harrison. Their latest album is "Western Sunrise," they are currently producing an independent record.

"I go into every time it's going to be extraordinary, I'm not jaded," Tulipan said. "I really believe there's going to be a couple that I'm really going to like."

The future of MOVE

MOVE is still a music festival in its infancy, but its organizers are going to help it grow each year, bringing in bigger bands to headline, but keeping it primarily as a showcase for up and coming talent.

"We'd like to see growth into a full weekend event instead of just one day," Walters said. Expanding on the educational aspects and the trade show aspect and the highlighting of the talent of course."

"I'm excited to see the festival growing people don't seem to realize the effort that goes into building a festival I hope the community sees what an asset to the community this will be," Gelineau said.

This is part two of three of the Banner's Local Festivals Series. Next week: North Adams' MyGlo festival and look for an expanded interview with Bob Tulipan on Andrew Roiter's blog.

Andrew Roiter is the Arts Editor for the Bennington Banner. Follow him on Twitter @Banner_Arts


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