Gulley takes High Bailiff race in Bennington County

Thursday November 8, 2012


Staff Writer

BENNINGTON -- Bennington Police Cpl. James Gulley has easily secured the largely ceremonial post of high bailiff in Bennington County, using the population base in the southern towns to defeat his northshire opponent.

Gulley used a huge advantage in Bennington to defeat his Republican challenger, former Manchester Police Chief Manfred Wessner. Gulley carried Bennington with 4,386 votes to Wessner’s 1,432.

In Manchester, Wessner fared well, winning the town by a 1,428 to 692 margin. He also fared well in Dorset and Winhall, but there are simply not enough voters in the northern part of the county where Wessner was strong to close the gap.

With only Sunderland results still unavailable on Wednesday, Gulley had tallied 9,272 votes countywide to Wessner’s 5,967.

The position carries few responsibilities. However, If an arrest warrant is issued against the county sheriff, the high bailiff may arrest the sheriff. Additionally, the high bailiff may carry out the duties of the sheriff if the sheriff is unable to do so.


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