Giving credit where due


A "Rose" in the Roses & Thorns editorial published on Saturday, June 28, failed to mention all of the sponsors of the recent Great Race lunch stop in Bennington.

Below, as provided by the Town of Bennington, is a complete list of sponsors who contributed to the June 22 event:

* Bennington Subaru was the primary sponsor (in addition to the Town of Bennington) at $1,500;

* Hannaford donated 400 hamburgers, 300 hot dogs, all the paper products and gave us a deal on anything else the Town of Bennington bought;

* Price Chopper gave 400 bottles of water and $100 gift card;

*Walmart gave $50;

*The Village Chocolate Shoppe and Bennington Potters gave out gift bags;

* Crowley Cheese gave provided product for the drivers and crew lunch;

* Nemer Auto gave $500 and gave out popcorn for a donation to the Bennington Fire Department;

* Carbone gave $500;

* The town gave $2,500;

* Southwestern Vermont Medical Center donated the use of 150 washcloths for the drivers to use;

* The fire department cooked the food, which was either provided by Hannaford or sponsored through donations, and raised over $1,000 for the dept;

* 50 meals were provided at no cost;

* Hemmings provided 25 volunteers for the event and gave out popcorn for a donation to a national charity;

* The Better Bennington Corporation, Bennington Area Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Bennington coordinated the event. The BBC donated more than 30 hours of time, the chamber donated more than 15 hours of time. Both organizations had volunteers at the event. The Town of Bennington donated more than 50 hours in time for the event;

* The Bennington Police Department provided an officer for the event;

* The Bennington Sheriff’s Department donated its traffic control equipment;

*MSK Engineering donated office space and electricity for the event;

This was a positive event for Bennington and a well-coordinated volunteer effort. The hard work that went into it deserves to be recognized.

This year’s Great Race -- a multi-state rally of more than 100 cars manufactured before 1972 -- began June 21 in Ogunquit, Maine, and continued over nine days to finish in The Villages, Florida, on June 29. Texans Barry and Irene Jason, the Grand Champions of the event for the third year in a row, won $50,000 and the total purse was $150,000. It’s an event that draws a lot of attention -- and visitors -- to towns along the way. With this year’s lunch stop, Bennington became the first community the Great Race -- in existence since 1983 -- has visited twice.

Hopefully, race organizers will consider passing through our community during next year’s event as well.

~Michelle Karas


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