Gage Street woman accused of facilitating drug sales

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BENNINGTON -- A Gage Street woman is accused of facilitating the sale of heroin, cocaine, and prescription pills.

Amber Burgess, 32, pleaded not guilty Monday in Vermont Superior Court to felony counts of heroin sale, stimulant sale, and cocaine sale, and misdemeanor counts of possession of heroin, cocaine, and stimulants. She is being held at the Chittenden Correctional Facility in South Burlington.

According to an affidavit by a member of the Vermont Drug Task Force, someone they referred to as a "cooperating individual" (CI) said on Aug. 27 they could purchase crack cocaine from a person on Gage Street next to Willy's Variety Store. They said that person's name was Amber, and that Amber would go to a home on Maple Street to get the drug.

CI was given $130 to give to who police said was Amber Burgess. They suspected her because of the address involved. Police said they had been to the Maple Street address the day before because two roommates had been arguing over one having stolen cash and crack cocaine from the other.

Police watched CI and Burgess go to the Energizer factory parking lot, from which Burgess went to a home on Maple Street. Police were monitoring CI and Burgess' conversation, and according to the affidavit Burgess made a comment about the crack supplier having learned from their landlord that the house was under police surveillance.

CI told Burgess he or she did not feel the amount of crack cocaine being supplied was worth $100. After they parted ways, CI met with police.

"At that time, the CI surrendered what, based upon my training and experience was certainly not $100 worth of crack cocaine," wrote the affidavit's author. The crack weighed 0.3 grams.

CI was paid $160 for their service.

On Sept. 26, a CI said they could buy "speed" pills from a person named Aaron, who police said referred to Aaron Godin, and who lived next to Willy's Variety Store. CI said Burgess would facilitate this transaction.

This was according to a separate affidavit which listed Godin as a co-defendant, however there is not indication in the court's computer database that Godin has been charged in connection with the case.

Police said Burgess was actually with Godin at an apartment on Congress Street. CI was given $20 to buy two pills, however they got a three for $10 deal. CI said the pills were bought from Godin, but Burgess facilitated the sale. CI was paid $160 for this by police.

That same evening, a CI said they could get two bags of heroin by way of Burgess for $30. Burgess would ferry it from a person who worked at The Publyk House restaurant on Harwood Hill.

Police gave CI $30 and watched CI and Burgess go to the parking lot of the Publyck House, where a male in "restaurant type clothing" approached CI's vehicle and spoke to Burgess briefly.

Investigators caught up with CI shortly after Burgess was dropped off on Congress Street. CI told police that the male at the Publyck House had supplied Burgess with two bags of heroin, but Burgess snorted one on the way back when they stopped to buy soda.

CI was paid $160 for his or her help.

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