Fun facts for Super Bowl commercial lovers

Big bucks

Billions spent on advertising

We know commercials are big business, but how big? According to Ad Age, the total spent on Super Bowl commercials from 1967 through 2016, adjusted for inflation, is $5.9 billion.

air time

An expensive 30 seconds

Want to advertise during the Super Bowl? You'll need to come up with some serious pennies. The average cost for a 30-second commercial in Super Bowl 50 is $4.8 million.

best of 2015

'Lost dog' was fan favorite

According to the 2015 Ad Meter, Budweiser's 'Lost Dog' commerical was top dog last year. In it, a cute puppy finds its way home with the help of some famous Clydesdales.


Reasonably low price?

Back in the day, a 30-second commercial cost about $40,000 (or $289,000, adjusted for inflation) during the first Super Bowl in 1967, according to CNN.

lower prices

Not-so-big years for ads

You win some, you lose some. According to Ad Age, the number of years that Super Bowl commercial prices fell was five. Those years were 1971, 1996, 2003, 2007, 2010.


90s Pepsi ads most popular

Pepsi wins the Super Bowl of advertising, according to Ad Meter, which picked Pepsi commercials for six out of its top 10 best Super Bowl commercials of all time.

Super bowl 50

What you'll see Sunday

After last year's string of serious ads (need we remind you of Nationwide's not-so-uplifting "Childhood dead" spot?) viewers can expect to see some comic relief this year.


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