First quarter honor roll


Highest honors

Grade 5: Isabella Champney, Jassie Fang, and Molly Champney

Grade 6: David Niemi

Grade 7: XinYi Chen, Jacob LaRoche, and Lily Slate

Grade 8: Abby Barber, Joshua Boucher, Michael Niemi, and Ian Slate

Grade 9: Julia Aalderink, and Emily Van Dyk

Grade 10: Katie Greene

Grade 11: Cindy Stearns

Grade 12: Jerry Cheng, Jeshua Galusha, and Emily Jones

High honors

Grade 5: Graci Burns

Grade 6: Lilah Aalderink, and Cole Benoit

Grade 7: Kamryn Capriola, Molly Champney, Jayden DeCell, Wade Greene, and Erica Kanonik

Grade 9: Adelle Woodcock

Grade 10: Alissa Boucher, Kaiden Galusha, and Karen Nishizawa

Grade 11: Gage Prouty

Grade 12: Hannah Baldwin, Wyatt Greene, Stephanie Marriner, Will Reed, and Courtney Stannard


Grade 5: Portia Pratt, and Bryce VanVoorhis

Grade 6: Solomon Sakellar

Grade 7: Gabriel Derosia, Chayla Greenslet, Chantel Goodhue, and Isabelle Woodcock

Grade 8: Tyler Jones, Kelly Park, and Ryan Strickland

Grade 9: Isaiah King

Grade 10: Jazmyne Lemaire

Grade 12: Eric Croka, and Tommy Wei


Grade 5: John Steadman

Grade 6: Dennis Park, and Romeo Steadman

Grade 7: Amaya King

Grade 8: Mitchell Mullett, and Daniel Steadman

Grade 9: Sierra Palmatier, and John Reynolds

Grade 11: Madelyn Jones, Yokey Liu, and Darby Martell

Grade 12: Patrick Hodgeman


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