Event brought back memories

Thursday November 29, 2012

Harriette Leidich

The internationally known Bavarian-themed Octoberfest that was held right here in North Bennington at the Park-McCullough carriage barn in October was a huge success. Octoberfest was one of the high spots on a trip to Europe for a group in which I was included, so this local celebration brought back memories for me. Our travel agent insisted that we include this in our itinerary.

Arriving in Munich our reservation to the Bavarian beer hall was honored and we were seated at a big round table in a boisterous crowd of celebrants. This is usually a 16-day beer and bratwurst festival. We were immediately caught up in the gaiety and celebration. Frauleins were dancing on the table tops, and visitors were wide-eyed at the celebrating. The men of the area were in their lederhosin and the Frauleins in their dirndls. It was just an event that we wanted to attend, and when the one locally was planned, it brought back these memories to me.


There are new discoveries to be made each day of my life and as I grow older I stop and reflect on them. They indicate where my life has taken me as I embrace them. They burst through the canvas of time as accomplishments great and small and I smile at some of them. They have been planted in my mind through the years.

Throughout this journey called life there are sweet sounds full of promise. Throughout each day the tides of life ebb and flow leaving imprints. Such impressions come to me as I continue my long life.

One needs to reflect. This one morning I had been in a reflective mood because when I got out of bed I discovered that I was, not as stable as I thought I should be after a night’s rest. However, I cautiously put one foot in front of the other and with the use of my cane I managed to get going in the right direction. But I still need to be cautious because a misstep at this age of 100 causes limitations.

At this writing I think I am trying to say to you older folks you must not hurry but go at the rate of an older body.

Tomorrow I am expecting a visit from a dear friend who has lost her sight. One morning she woke up and there was no sight. Today she is the most confident person I know who has accepted her sightlessness and carries on valiantly.

I hope that I can face growing older with the grace of this dear friend.

But we must all be cautious.


GLEANINGS: "A low sky like wet cement." "The sky laid close to the ground like a coffin lid." "Clotheslines bobbing with gaunt families of dungarees, shirts and dresses."

"Sunlight was trying to creep around the blinds covering the windows." "A mote imprisoned on a shaft of sunlight."

Harriette Leidich is a Banner columnist who lives in North Bennington.


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