Emergency housing changes are restrictive

Saturday July 6, 2013

The Shumlin Administration has announced convoluted changes to be eligible for state general assistance for emergency housing.

The new standards are much more restrictive. Brattleboro service agencies are reportedly collecting tents and sleeping bags for families right now.

Shumlin hopes to save enough state money to avoid any efforts to tax his friends, the 1 percent.

But, resulting costs could become much higher. How many new children will end up in state custody?

Then there is winter when homeless shelters are full. Years ago homeless men would steal something in order to spend the winter in jail for the roof and three daily meals, popularly known as three hots and a cot. Shumlin must announce exactly how much to steal to be sentenced for the winter only. Too much and one could become a lifer.


Weybridge Disagrees with choice of Susan Rice as National Security Advisor

My president is going to replace Tom Donilin with Susan Rice as National Security Advisor. I hope they can find Donilin so they can make the switch. President Obama will appoint Rice, the Queen of prevarication (in this writer’s opinion) without the advice and consent of Congress, because he can even though this will probably go down as the most ridiculous appointment, since Caligula named his horse, a council!

That could be funny, if it wasn’t one of the dirtiest tricks that has been played on this country, since the attack on our Navy base at Pearl Harbour, in my opinion.




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